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Hickory Vein Treatment

Dr. Aaron Thompson and his staff at the The Center for Advanced Vein Care in Hickory, North Carolina, specialize in all disorders of the veins, with special emphasis on the veins of the legs. Many factors contribute to the health of the body’s venous system and Dr. Thompson’s vein clinic utilizes all the latest technologies to address the individual concerns of each of his patients.



Dr. Thompson’s belief that freedom from pain and a body free of unsightly swollen veins adds to the quality of his patients’ life makes him the busiest vein doctor in the area. He and his highly skilled staff proudly boast of 6,000 legs — and counting — beautified thus far.


Problems of the Veins


Problems with the veins of the legs can arise due to injury, aging, demands of the workplace, and disease. Some venous disorders are hereditary and others are the result of disease elsewhere in the body or the medications used to treat them. Since the cause of vein disorders varies so widely, the diverse array of vein treatment options that Dr. Thompson has mastered allow him to work with patients suffering from vein disorders of every kind.



Vein disorders run the gamut from minor cosmetic concerns to painful, debilitating varicose veins that truly diminish a person’s enjoyment of life. One very common cosmetic concern is spider veins, small veins close to the surface of the skin that are clearly visible but cause little, if any, pain. Varicose veins in the legs can become ulcerated, leaving the patient in intense pain and at risk of developing dangerous infection. Treatment of varicose veins is most satisfying when it starts early, before danger of complication becomes an issue. Dr. Thompson uses different vein treatment techniques and equipment to treat each form of vein disorder.


Treatment Options

The equipment and treatment techniques used at the Hickory vein clinic is state-of-the-art technology that can be utilized in the vein doctor’s private office. Most procedures done at the vein clinic are minimally invasive and produce very little pain. A typical recovery is so speedy that many patients feel good enough to return to work the very next day.

Some of the treatments and technologies that Dr. Thompson employes include:

  • ambulatory phlebectomy
  • endovenous thermal ablation
  • laser techniques
  • injection therapy
  • radio-frequency applications of energy
  • ultrasound guided injection therapy


The vein clinic in Hickory welcomes patients of every age and for every concern. Referrals from other physicians are rarely necessary and most major medical and healthcare insurance plans are accepted.